grady's Trauma Center: New Blood (Wii) review

Trauma Center New Blood Review

The Trauma Center Series is one of a kind and could only be made on Nintendo's systems. Here are some of the goods and bads to it
The Goods: sharp control, realistic bodies/organs, great voice acting, great plot (if you take the time to read it), suspenseful music, Co-Op, challenging and fun puzzles
The Bads: Excruciatingly difficult, Boring text.

GAME PLAY 9.5/10
The game play is some of the best and most original gameplay ever developed. When companies think of games, they think "where will this shooter take place?" But Atlas has gone above and beyond the FPS age, and made a surgery game. The game has many operations that have you slicing open a mans stomach, repairing rib cages, removing several tumors, controlling aneurysms, and removing foreign objects, such as bullets or glass. It is by far the funnest game I have ever played.

The game, when in a person, has realistic graphics without making you hurl, which is good, you still see the pumping of the organs and the moving of the fluids within the veins, so its realistic without prodding at your courage ball (dangely thing in your mouth) as for the plot, Its all picture scenes, but the pictures are sharp and have lots of details to them. Its a boring but still very interesting way to portray the plot.

SOUND: 8/10
The sound is more made up of multiple repeating jingles that play based on whats happening. When there is an emergency, there is a horror-like jingle playing, and elevator like music when in your office. They aren't the best, but it works. As for the sound effects, you never get the ripping-like noise that occurs when you make a mistake out of your mind.

The controls are by far the greatest controls I have ever seen or played with. To access the tools, you just press in the direction of the tool with the analog stick, you hold down the A button and move the wii-mote to do an action, and thats pretty much it. If it was a different control scheme, the game would have failed miserably.

PLOT 9.5/10
Like I said above, the plot is amazing, if you take the time to read and listen to it. The plot focuses on Markus Vaughn and Valerie Blaylock, two accomplished doctors equipped with a magical tool called the "Healing Touch". It helps with operations but I'm often too occupied with the operation to use it. The team starts in Alaska, titled "The frigid Northern Extremity of America" and soon become acquainted with your nurse and soon start researching a super virus called STIGMA. Stigma is a super evolving virus that has multiple forms and causes things such as gashes and tumors in the infected individuals system. You soon become the STIGMA research team and try to stop the growth of it around the world. But theres a catch...

Overall this is one of the greatest games I have played in a while and most likely my favorite Wii game. I would definitely look into this if you own a Wii as this game would not have been possible without the wii's control scheme

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