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This is one of those excellent, fresh games that there needs to be more of. It uses a really good, fairly new concept, and executes it perfectly. This game does suffer from some insane difficulty, along with a few other quirks, and may not be for everyone.

The graphics aren't exactly stellar. It's essentially hand-drawn manga style art for everything but the surgery itself. During the actual surgeries the graphics are on par with a bad PS2 game graphically. All the menus and such are set up to look very clean and easy to navigate. I find the art to be appealing and pleasing to the eye, and the graphics could use a lot of work but still works, and that's what really matters for a game like this that centers around game-play so much.

The sound work is pretty average. The soundtrack is your typical fast paced, erratic Japanese game soundtrack, nothing stellar but it doesn't detract from the experience either. It speeds up during the more intense parts of the game, which is nice for building the tension/suspense. There isn't really any voice work other than a few quotes. They really could have made the story flow better if they had implemented full voice acting rather than just have you reading text.

The game-play is where this game excels. The Wii-mote and the concept of video game surgery were made for each other, it just works perfectly. The story is pretty dumb, but it keeps things going I guess. There is an insane amount of difficulty once you get to later parts of the game, so be ready for a challenge.

Overall it's an awesome game that deserves at least a rent if you own a Wii. It's really a lot of fun, and different from most other games out there. Just beware of the difficulty and you should be fine. Definitely worth a look.


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