jasonbog's Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 (Nintendo DS) review

A great comeback for the DS Trauma Center experience

It's good to know that even when Atlus spent some time focused on bringing the Trauma Center series to the Wii that they were able to bring it back to the DS. It's great because it reminds fans how much better the Trauma Center experience is on the precise touch-screen DS than the Wii's IR controls. Atlus managed to also bring some of the improvements made in the Wii sequels (better drawn characters, new tools like the defilibrater) and brought it to the DS. The operations in the game are well made with plenty of new puzzle-based GUILT cases along with plenty of "normal" operations so the game never feels too enthralled in the science-fiction themes. Of course like all other Trauma Center games the game has a very rough arcade-like difficulty even on the normal difficulties, but the ability to change the difficulty any time is a lifesaver for people wanting to see the story to the end. The story quality here is pretty good and I'd actually call it the best story in the series so far. A well made anime-based storyline of Dr. Stiles going through many hardships (both personal and GUILT based) that manages to close up his Trauma Center storyline from the first game left off very well. The game's graphics are well done partly from all the influences from the Wii game's presentations brought in. And the music manages to fit the anime and thrill of the operations and story very well with a decent amount of voice work. It's only disappointing that the variety of music used for the long amounts of story sequences didn't have just one emotion-based track and so forth. But overall this game managed to bring the series back to the platform it's best in for a satisfying experience for the DS.


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