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Trauma Team: A Work of True Control Fluency on the Wii 10

Ask yourself this: How many game series do you know that not only have installments on both the DS and the Wii, but also manage to play similarly on both systems despite the entirely different control styles? There aren't a whole lot of games that probably fall into that criteria and if any do come to mind, it's probably the Trauma Center series. Aside from the already unconventional surgery-centric nature of the gameplay, the games have always stood out because of their smartly designed control...

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Doctor! 0

The Trauma Center series has been all about drama on the operating table.Trauma Team slices its way into the series with a more real-world approach thanTrauma Center, while also adding new characters, new modes, and cooperative play.If you’re unfamiliar with the Trauma Center series, you’re placed in the role of a doctor with special skills. In Trauma Team you’ll assume the roles of six different doctors, each specializing in a different field. Having different roles to play is a welcome additio...

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Fun Game with an Unforgivable Glitch 0

I am really heartbroken writing this review because I really enjoyed my time with Trauma Team.  I really wanted to finish it, but my time with the game was cut short by one of the worst programming screw-ups I've ever experienced in my 20 year gaming history.  On the 3rd forensics mission (the one with the mother and daughter that are killed), I reached a point where the game wouldn't combine two pieces of evidence ( a glitch, not me not knowing how to play games), thus making it impossible for ...

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Trauma Team Review 0

Trauma Team comes to the Wii courtesy of Atlus, and has you stepping into the roles of several different doctors. You'll be performing surgeries, trying to help out  at the scene of an accident, and even playing the part of a forensics expert. You'll be impressed with how every single character has a different style of play and will keep you going for quite a while.Graphically this screams the style that you're used to from Atlus, an almost Persona art style. They will do cut scenes in comic boo...

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