akonnick's Trauma Team (Wii) review

Fun Game with an Unforgivable Glitch

I am really heartbroken writing this review because I really enjoyed my time with Trauma Team.  I really wanted to finish it, but my time with the game was cut short by one of the worst programming screw-ups I've ever experienced in my 20 year gaming history.  On the 3rd forensics mission (the one with the mother and daughter that are killed), I reached a point where the game wouldn't combine two pieces of evidence ( a glitch, not me not knowing how to play games), thus making it impossible for me to finish the mission.  I followed 3 separate FAQs (all which laid out the same things I did) to attempt to redo the mission 5 times and it just wouldn't work.  As a result, I never got to reach to final series of missions in the game, which is the best part by all accounts from reviews I've read.  After searching the internet to no avail, I had to throw in the towel and admit defeat resulting in a deep felt hatred towards all involved in the making of this game unlike I've felt towards a game in years.  I've played plenty of crappy games that made me want to break a controller, but this one stung worse because I wanted to finish the game and it wouldn't let me.   
For the portion I did get to enjoy, the variety of the mission types, common storyline told from different perspectives, and presentation were all top notch.  While the Wii controls aren't the model of precision (par for the course with the Wii), they are more than adequate to immerse you in the operations and create the sense of tension and excitement that I imagine a real doctor experiencing.  I thought all the mission types were enjoyable; however, I thought the Tomoe missions suffered from the worst Wii controls and the Gabriel missions ultimately got old.  I think Atlus has a great formula for the franchise if it makes another game.  Next time, I only hope they fix the glitches so I can enjoy it.  Having read enough reviews of people who beat the game, mine may be an isolated incident.  Unfortunately, I have to review the game based on my experience and not someone else's.  This game will forever be a crushing dissapointment when it should have been a standout Wii title.


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