Who places these in the wild?

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I was thinking this earlier, playing Tales of Vesperia.
I came across a 2h sword and 2 capes, in chests, in a desert

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I doubt there is a correct answer to this one... :P

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I did, for tax-purposes.

#4 Posted by Pie (7119 posts) -

The local nut, he raves about the zombie apocalypse and puts equipment into the desert to prepare for it

#5 Posted by Fallen189 (5060 posts) -

I think a wizard did it :(

#6 Posted by aquamooch (83 posts) -

Crab people
it's all part of the "master plan"

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Captain Oblivious. 
I hate him.

#8 Posted by Pie (7119 posts) -
@Fallen189 said:
" I think a wizard did it :( "
Wizard=local nut.
Think about it
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So...wait, it's a local nut of a Communist wizard named Captain Oblivious for tax purposes? 
.............................................................yep, works for me. 
Although I still say it's Colonel Mustard.  That muthafucker is sneaky as shit with a pipe.  Imagine what he can do with a chest!

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I do when your all asleep.

#11 Posted by Griddler (3346 posts) -

Video game designers.
Never fear!
Captain Bubble Burster is here!

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Who left those giant mounds of gold out in every strategy game? The world may never know.

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Who throws money away in Borderlands?  They citizens of Pandora complain complain of being impoverished but if they would just take the time to open some garbage cans and mailboxes they'd be eating well for weeks.

#17 Posted by masterherocard (419 posts) -

Here's my theory. 
Someone was flying the chests over the bermuda triangle, when the lightning grabbed it, and threw it throughout time. 
that was my theory.
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Jesus does.

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