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Treasure Island Dizzy - ZX Spectum version.
Treasure island dizzy is the heart warming tale of a egg gone awry. Dizzy embarks on a around the world cruise expecting the holiday of a lifetime. The YolkFolk had warned him prior to his cruise that the deal he had got must be too good to be true and in the end the YolkFolk were proved to be eggcelent in their deductions. Upon disembarking for his trip of a lifetime Dizzy noticed something was not quite right with his ship. The captain was called long john silver and there appeared to be alot of drunk pirates aboard. Dizzy in all of his wonder had managed to book a cruise on a pirate ship.

As time passed Dizzy learnt to enjoy the company of the pirates and started to fit in. So much so that one sunny day while the ship was stuck in shallow waters dizzy organised a game of cricket on the deck. This went down a storm with the pirates and fun was had by all. This was until they realised that Dizzy had used Long John Silvers spare wooden peg leg collection as wickets and they had now been thrown overboard in the excitement of the match.

In the end the inevitable happened when you go on a cruise with pirates and Dizzy was forced to walk the plank. He later washed up on a sunkissed beach with only one thing on his mind. Revenge? no. He had to get back to the YolkFolk and lodge his compensation claim, and he had to do it now!

This is where the adventure of Treasure island Dizzy begins.


TID was at its heart a puzzle/adventure game. It had advancements over its predecessor such as a fully implemented inventory system and improved animations. The addition of the inventory led to a new style of gameplay for the Dizzy series. Gameplay focused less on defeating enemies and more on solving puzzles with inventory items. Dizzy's main aim in the game was to construct a boat so he could sail home.

TID is without doubt one of the most difficult Dizzy games as the game featured no health bar and you only had one life. Another feature that made the game hideously difficult was that the inventory management could be described as "insane"  the only interaction you had with your inventory was pressing enter which made dizzy put down an item in the inventory. Which item however was out of your control as dizzy always just put down the item at the top of the list. This meant that you could be swimming underwater and tap enter dizzy would put down his snorkel  item and instantly drown to death. It could be argued Dizzy was not the brightest. This forced the player to think ahead massively when it came to having to use items in the inventory.

Other issues which made the game difficult was that the game featured a side quest that had to be completed to leave the island. This side quest was only explained to the player however just as they were about to leave the island and, as far as the player was concerned, finish the game. This side quest involved going back through the island and collecting 30 coins which where hidden behind scenery.

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