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Tremulous is a freeware first person action game based on the ioquake3 game engine. It originated as a mod for Quake 3, but eventually went standalone. The game is presumably set in the future, where humans face off against spider-like aliens.



  • Blaster: The blaster is the secondary weapon. It has unlimited ammunition, but it is very weak, and fires very slowly.
  • Rifle: The weapon you spawn with. It fires normal bullets.
  • Pain Saw: Close-range saw, does lots of damage.
  • Shotgun: Good damage, fires slowly.
  • Lasgun: Fires laser particles of some sort. Do more damage than the rifle, and it has a broader spread. Good for little aliens.
  • Mass Driver: The equivalent of a railgun, can one-shot small aliens.
  • Chaingun: A mini-gun with pretty good damage, and has some recoil.
  • Pulse Rifle: Another laser gun, the bullets are slow, but have pretty good damage
  • Flamethrower: Spouts flames, does a lot of damage but it is very easy to burn yourself and teammates.
  • Lucifer Cannon: Fires big spheres that, when charged, can one shot all aliens except the biggest class.


Aliens evolve by using points earned from killing humans. All aliens regenerate health automatically.

DretchStage 1

Cost: 0

Starting class. Can bite humans simply by coming into contact with them. Can also walk on walls and ceilings.


Stage 1

Cost: 0

Builder class. Has no attacking abilities.

Advanced Granger

Stage 2

Cost: 0

Upgraded Granger. Can now slash, lob projectiles and walk on walls and ceilings.


Stage 1

Cost: 1

A stronger attacking class than the Dretch. Has a basic slash attack, and can restrain a human's movement when contact is made. Can also wallwalk.

Advanced BasiliskStage 2

Cost: 2

Effectively the same as a standard Basilisk, but has the ability to spray poisonous gas. Humans wearing battlesuits are immune to it, however.

MarauderStage 1

Cost: 2

Can bite and has the ability to wall jump, making it very agile and difficult to hit.

Advanced MarauderStage 2

Cost: 3

Effectively the same as a standard Marauder, but has a chain lightning attack which can affect up to 3 humans if within range.

DragoonStage 1

Cost: 3

Has a biting attack and a pounce ability, which can be charged and damages anything in its path once released.

Advanced DragoonStage 3

Cost: 4

Effectively the same as a standard Dragoon, but has the ability to shoot long ranged spiked barbs. 3 can be held in reserve and regenerate over time.

TyrantStage 3

Cost: 5

Has a primary slash attack, and a secondary trampling ability that can be charged up and enables the player to run at high speed for a short while. It also has a healing aura which doubles regeneration rates of lower class aliens.

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