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Trenches is a game that was developed and published by Thunder Game Works in 2009. It is a mix between castle attack and tower defense games and is set during the Great World War (WW1). Players are put in control of the British Forces as they fight against the Germans on 2D battlefields in a sort of tug of war configuration. Thunder Game Works has included Open Feint support 


The game is fairly simple and is very much like any other tug of war or castle attack game as players spawn units which they can then direct forwards or backwards with swipes. All of the units on the field can be manipulated at the same time using two-finger swipes to signal an advance. Each of the various unit types serve very different purposes such as rifleman which are bread & butter units while the mortars work well against packs of units. Artillery and poison gas attacks can also be used against the enemy in combination with trenches placed along the battlefield (defensive structures) and barbed wire which slows movement.  

Unit Types

 Riflemen Bread & Butter, good all around
 EngineersUseful for their ability to upgrade trenches into bunkers
Long-range, high damage units with a slow rate of fire
 Machine Gunners
 Rapid-fire units that can mow down standard infantry
 Mortar Teams
 Useful for displacing trenches filled with enemies

Game Modes

 BattleA standard battle in which victory is achieved by destroying the opponent's bunker
 The Great Escape
 A single squad of riflemen is stuck behind enemy lines and needs to be escorted across the battlefield with support from artillery and poison gas
 OverrunHold off against waves of German forces
 Box Barrage
 The Germans are retreating, cut them off with support elements
 King of the Trench
 Capture and defend a central trench from the Germans
 SappersCapture and upgrade three lines of trenches into bunkers to set up a defensive line against the coast
 Pygmy Horde
Hold off against waves of Pygmys from the Pocket God iPhone game
 Zombie Horde
Hold off against endless waves of zombies

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