Brad's Trials Evolution Noises Out of Context

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During the Trials TNT, Patrick raised the point that the noises Brad makes while playing Trials Evolution sound totally different out of context. So I'm working through the entirety of the TNT and capturing every last one of Brad's exquisite curses, mutters, and agonized groans (or at least the ones without people talking over them). I'm going to put them all together into one long composition and see whether or not Patrick was right. However, I've only gotten through the first ten minutes of audio so far, and I'd like a little feedback before I go on. I have two main concerns. Firstly, I'm worried that jamming clips together wantonly is going to make for some very abrupt and startling changes - is there anything I can do about that? Secondly, how can I arrange the clips in the most pleasing or amusing order? At the moment, I have four categories that I've placed clips in: Utterances (coherent sentences), surprised "Whoa"-type, disgusted "Ugh"-type, and wavering "Aaaaaah"-type (as when Brad is almost going to make a jump or something). I've basically placed them randomly in the video below, but I suspect that putting them together to form a "plot," if you will (especially with judicious use of utterances) will make for a superior compilation.

Also, what do you think of the basic proposition? Do Brad's Trials Evo noises sound weirdly sexual out of context, or just strange? Does anyone else grunt and howl in rage whenever they play video games? Should "P-Money Tricky Klepto sensually licking a bottle of PBR with a giant head" be nominated for People Magazine's Sexiest Man/Creature/Abomination Alive? Has Vinny gone mad in his lust for video-editing power? You decide: the clip I have so far follows.

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Quick Look Trials Evolution a XXX parody: Giving "pulling a Brad" a whole new meaning.

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Oh man, this has potential.

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Make a dubsteb remix. It would be glorious!!!

#5 Posted by Little_Socrates (5834 posts) -

So, that new Quick Look is a GOLDMINE for great Trials noises. Even Ryan gets in on the action.

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Just make sure you end it all with, "well, at least I finished."

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@rebgav said:

@Qodot said:

how can I arrange the clips in the most pleasing or amusing order?

Phat beats, space bass, wah-wah guitar.

This, played over a slideshow of the Brazzers photoshop thread.

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