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Everyone who is interested, throw in your Gamer Tag. That way we can compete against other Giantbomb members track times, as well as the motocross multiplayer. Who knows, if there is enough of us, we could maybe throw together some sort of community night, down the road, or at the very least have competitions, with some sort of small prize.

Gamertag: Chedbot3000 Edit; after five years finally outgrew my cheezy robot from the future. New GT is now: Chazz Chetly

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Can't wait!

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so stooked

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Brent and Matt

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Add me! I'm more competitive on the harder levels though. I beat all of the Trials HD ones gold with no faults :O! And apparently that was only enough to net me a spot at like 12,000 on the leaderboards. Holy crap people are good at this game.

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I will be buying points today and Buying this, looking forward to it.
GT: FuzzyLongcat

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Leon592 (Please say you're from GB in the request)

I loved Trials HD, but I only had a couple of people to compete against so if people add me that would be splendid!

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Let my relapse of trials addiction start today

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I'm down.

GT: Joshthebear

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Seeing how I most likely don't have many people who play this on my list, here is mine: Jaqen Hghar

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When does it come out? How much does it cost? I'll see if I get some points this weekend.


Edit: I did indeed purchase it.

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@DarthOrange: It comes out tomorrow (April 18th). I don't know the price, though. I wonder if it will be a $20 game. It's the first game to come out that has 400 points that I know of.

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Trials HD is my favorite XBLA game of all times so I'll be playing the shit outta this game.

GT: Vegsen

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@JaredA: Thanks dude. I'll probably give this a look.

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@DarthOrange: It comes out tomorrow and cost 1200 points

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GT: Will Duder

I already have a bunch of you duders from SSX, so I hope to see you guys on here.

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GT: Gorilla Mo Pena

I can't wait to ram my head into that brick wall again

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Gamertag is the same as my name here, MetalBaofu. Feel free to send friend requests. I might not play the multiplayer all that much, but I definitely wouldn't mind having some track times to compete against.

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My gamertag is: HumanBirdZ I'll probably play this until I get angry and throw my controller at the screen.

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Gamertag: The MrMuscle 
Im easily beaten.

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Young Detective

#22 Posted by Roland_D11 (196 posts) -

I loved Trials HD, although I was really bad at the harder tracks. So, for an easy opponent, add me :-)

GT: ClausHH11

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Gamertag: Patman99

Cant wait to play this bad boy!

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god damn I love me some trials.. Love having ppl that play it so my leaderboard is populated, add me if you will play it often. Have fun ya'll

gt: robownz7

#25 Posted by Kaburorne (126 posts) -

Would be nice to see some times right off the bat with you guys, you're obviously excited about this game :p unlike my friends who couldn't care less... they will learn. Gamertag: Kaburorne

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GT: Space Luchadeer

#27 Posted by GEOFFERS (18 posts) -

Sweet idea. Geoffers
Let the games commence! :)))

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@mozzle genius move bud.
#29 Posted by deerokus (635 posts) -

GT: jonny cardboard

#30 Posted by GEOFFERS (18 posts) -

It's out in the uk SWEEET!!!!!

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Jumped straight into MP and I'm already having a blast.

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GT: NYHorn36

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GT: ONIKAGEI freel free to add me, I suck at trials so you can all feel good about yourselves.

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GT: Dark Hero Zark

#36 Posted by ScreamingFist (382 posts) -

ScreamingFist - You will be shocked at how horrible I am ;P

#37 Posted by Pageboy (67 posts) -

GT: V1deogames

No one on my friends list is playing this at the moment so would be nice to have some times to beat. Or at least try to!

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Gamertag: Matfei90

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Gamertag: datarez

Add me for the leaderboards! This game has been awesome so far.

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Paulithon - I will probably be playing this everyday for a couple of years lol

#41 Posted by OtakuGamer (1389 posts) -

GT: Evolution X0

#42 Posted by HomegrownSilky (6 posts) -

GT: HomegrownSilky

#43 Posted by NoeinJ (54 posts) -

GT: NoeinJ

#44 Posted by JimF (12 posts) -

GT: Jamifo

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New to the site, but would love more times to compete against.

BobRichards91 is my GT

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GT: DeviousChainsaw

I've only played a little bit so far, but damn it's good.

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#48 Posted by OldGuy (1610 posts) -

I feel like I'll stink at this game, but... why not?
GT: ShamblingDeath

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GT: StrawyBeernuts

#50 Posted by StrainedEyes (1355 posts) -

GT: StrainedEyes

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