Local Multiplayer Drinking Game

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I'm going to be celebrating my friend's birthday tomorrow evening and I wanted to make everyone play Trials Evolution, preferably in the local multiplayer. I'm looking for ideas for what such a game could entail. There's plenty of time tomorrow to try to come up with something simple, but I figured you guys could probably come up with something awesome. If it matters, there will probably only be beer consumed with nothing too strong being present.

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Eh, a drinking game with only beer is kind of weak. Pick up a bottle of liquor on the way over. Do Inferno 3 where every 5 faults is a shot, then proceed to get alcohol poisoning.

I think skill games would probably be the way to go for a drinking game though.

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With beer you are gonna need to go for volume. Every time you crash, you take a drink. Eventually you will be too drunk to play video games, and then the night begins.

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