Trials Evo Demo Freezing

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Hey everybody.

I downloaded the demo of this to see if I wanted to buy it, and, as I expected, it's great. However, my Xbox completely freezes after only a few minutes every time I start the demo up. I tried playing other games and it didn't happen with them. I wouldn't care if the issue would stop when I download the full game, but seeing as how the demo basically is the full game with some artificial restrictions, I'm afraid the full game would freeze, too.

Basically, I'm wondering if anyone else has had the same issue, and, if they did, did the full game freeze as well, or is there another solution?

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Demo never froze on me, but the full game does sometimes. Never happened in the main game, but it has happened several times in the user created track download menu, mostly after selecting a track, and then quickly backing out a menu or two. I've also heard there are issues with online games for some people.

Hopefully it will all be ironed out fairly soon, as the game is fantastic.

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Never had any problem with hit, i also didn't buy it right away, cos it had just came out an hour before, so i thought that it might have some problems.

So i download it in Trial, played one track, and then unlocked it.

The only thing you might consider a problem, happened this mornig, whille i was downloading and playing some user tracks, right after the "dowload is complete" message, the screen would zoom in, and you basically couldn't see the options, but if you just pressed A, to play the track, and then got out, evething was fine.

It only happened to me twice though.

But beyond that, no problems at all.

Game of the Year!!!

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