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Trails Evolution Gold edition beta impresions

When I first saw this on steam, I was exited. This was one of the few games that made me debate my choice of choosing a PS3 over an Xbox just because of its re-playability. seeing this game finally arrive to steam was exiting, so I got the download and beta and have developed my opinions after a few hours. This I a game that is great for new players (like myself). It has a progression system that feels just right, by the time you've learned about the interface and have a feel for the controls, it introduces you to more difficult levels and challenges. make sure to try everything, like the skill challenges and user created courses, so that you don't find yourself short on medals (the main progression system, similar to EXP in other games). when playing, I was using a keyboard, which felt fine, however it can feel awkward when you are not using your right hand for anything. I do have a few complaints with the game so far. My biggest problem was the horrible screen tearing, despite having a video card with adaptive V-sync, however I found that once I turned V-sync on in-game, most graphical problems were fixed. this also being a beta, the technical issues will probably be fixed in some kind of day one patch. while the user created content isn't as deep as I had hoped, this should pick up with the release of the game. overall, It's the Xbox game with a few additional options (I did not look into map making options, as I am a fool with these things), and am very exited to see what a PC-gaming community can offer for additional content.

EDIT: if you do plan on playing this game seriously, I would recommend a controller. While about 85% of the pack-in content is perfectly playable with a keyboard, It becomes very apparent after a few hours that it is incapable of doing certain harder obstacles. If you don't already have a PC controller, try out the game before buying the controller to be sure it's worth the investment.

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It is an amazing game. It is a bit costly though. If you want to get it for free go to !

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It is an amazing game. It is a bit costly though. If you want to get it for free go to !

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