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The Trials series is a physics based motorcycle game developed by Finnish developer Redlynx. The gameplay is based of the sport of motorcycle trials, in which you drive a lightweight motocross across a obstacle course without touching the ground with your feet.

Trial Bike

The series started as a pretty basic shareware Java game hosted on

Redlynx re-released most of the tracks from the first game as Trials Legends which can be downloaded for free from their facebook page.

Trials 2 and Trials 2 second edition

Trial Bike

Trials 2 was the sequel to the Java based game. Both a basic 2D Java version, similar to the original Trials, and a downloadable version existed. The downloadable version contained improved 3D graphics, online leaderboards, achievements, dynamic tracks and more.

The game was originally named just Trials 2, but Redlynx released an improved version of the game named Trials 2 second edition, it was a free upgrade for everyone that had purchased Trials 2 before the second edition was released. To see all the differences in the different versions of Trials 2, click here.

Trials HD

Trials HD is the third game in the series, and the first game in the series that was not released on PC. It was instead released solely on the Xbox 360.

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