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In Tribes 2 (T2), games take place on vast maps that incorporate many environments ranging  from snowy mountains, grassy expanses, to craggy volcanic landscapes. Players are assigned to one of two teams that could have up to 32 players each as they attempt to capture the opposing team's flag. Unlike many games to come before or after it, T2 has an extreme amount of depth due to variety of options available to the player. Players can focus on defense of their base and deploy a variety of turrets as well as mines. More offense-oriented players can hop in a tank or a dropship and lead an attack on the enemy's flag. Three classes of armor, a wide variety of "packs" (objects that grant the player certain abilities like healing or expending extra energy), and a strong selection of weapons lead to a wide variety of play styles.
    One of the most defining features of T2 is the jetpack. Every player can expend energy in order to lift off the ground and fly through the air for travel and oftentimes, combat. The jetpack is essential to a technique in the game called " skiing" in which a player boosts up to a high point on the map and builds momentum by lightly jumping down a hillside to carry them quickly through a valley or up another hillside.




The scout is the lightest and most moblie of the three classes in T2. Flag runners, snipers, and players looking to swoop in, make a kill, and ski away quickly look to this armor class.



The assault class is the middle-of-the-road class. A player can take on any number of roles with both decent mobility and armor to take a beating.



The juggernaut wears massive amounts of armor and can really create some chaos within a game. The juggernaut has the ability to carry a personal mortar launcher that can wipe out enemy defenses or hold back enemy advances. Due to their armor, juggernauts can take a lot of punishment before going down.



Starloc Wiren (Blaster)

A simple coherent-pulse energy carbine, the blaster draws power from the user's energy cell, providing limitless ammunition. Its high rate of fire and long range make up for the relatively small damage each energy projectile delivers. The blaster is unaffected by water - blaster projectiles maintain velocity, range, and damage despite being fired under or into water.


The chaingun churns out explosive micro-flechettes in a conical pattern and can quickly chew up a target at short range. At longer range, however, the weapon loses much of its effectiveness.

Decimator-VI (Spinfusor / Disklauncher)

Sabot-Styx Spinfusor (New Design)

The spinfusor (also known as the Stormhammer) fires a high-explosive disc-shaped charge over an almost unlimited range. Its rate of fire is average among tribal weapons, as is the disk's velocity. The disk explodes at the point of impact and damages anything within the explosion's radius.


Plasma Gun
Vulcarion (Plasma Gun)

FH-20 100MM Plasma Cannon

Spitting out superheated balls of plasma that explode on contact, the "plasma cannon" is capable of immolating a target in one shot. A versatile weapon, it is useful at both close and medium range, as well as either indoors or outdoors. Its explosive charges deal damage in a radius around the target.

Laser Rifle
Hachiman (Laser Rifle)

80MW Photonic Core Sniper Rifle

The laser rifle (aka longrifle) is a deadly sniper's weapon that, like the blaster, feeds off an armor's energy supply. It has almost unlimited range and strikes instantly. The amount of damage dealt is proportional to the amount of energy stored in the armor's power cell, so if used faster than it recharges, it become far less effective. The more energy discharged with a shot, the more damage the target suffers. A complex and power-intensive weapon, it can only be used by a tribesman in light armor carrying an energy pack.


Grenade Launcher
GateCrasher ( Grenade Launcher)

Varrwerks 52MM Grenade Launcher

The grenade launcher lobs grenades much farther than warriors can throw them by hand, and each explosive round does damage in a radius. Rounds take a second or two to arm, and thus may be bounced around corners or over hilltops. Once the grenade has armed itself, it explodes on contact.


Capable of lobbing highly explosive shells over long distances, no other personal weapon used by the tribal warriors can match its destructive capability. Because of the mortar's great weight, only Heavy Armor can carry it -- and then only with limited ammunition. This weapon is especially effective when used in tandem with a targeting laser, as the targeting laser gives the mortar (and grenade) launchers a guide as to where to shoot.

Elf Gun

The Electronic Flux Gun, or ELF, is a short-range energy weapon. It deals little direct damage, but rapidly drains a target's energy supply, which renders energy-based weaponry and equipment useless while severely hampering a targeted warrior's mobility. It is commonly used to soften an enemy objective's defensive force fields or to slow a fast-moving enemy warrior.

Shock Lance
Shock Lance

Imagine a high-tech spear with a dual-pronged head. Now...near the front of the lance (behind the tip) there is a collar that spins constantly around the shaft throwing off sparks and generating a massive charge. When you thrust the lance at an enemy, the lance head is pushed back so it's in contact with that generator area. This releases the charge, doing massive damage to your enemy, and possibly knocking him back away from you. Damage is increased if you attack from the rear of your target. Used in conjunction with a cloaking pack, this is a nasty assassin trick.

Missile Launcher

( Missile Launcher)

Only medium and heavy armors may use the missile launcher. Missiles track flying targets (even friendlies if no enemy targets are visible) after a few seconds to achieve a lock, or fire in a straight line if no flying targets are present. Damage is severe, but the rate of fire is very slow, and the launcher carries sparse ammunition.

Targeting Laser
Targeting Laser

The Targeting Laser does no damage itself. Instead, it allows the user to "paint" a target for a teammate equipped with another weapon, such as the mortar [or the rocket]. It draws energy from the warrior's main energy reserve and will stop working whenever energy runs out.




Wildcat-class Grav Cycle:

Fast and agile, this vehicle and deliver a flag carrier quickly to the enemy base or can be used as a quick escape.

Beowulf-class Grav Tank:

With the ability to hold two players and launch mortar rounds, this vehicle is a threat out on the map and to an enemy's base.

Havoc Heavy Transport:

An arial transport ship that can carry up to six players, a loaded Havoc can quickly change the tide of a battlefront.

Thundersword-class Bomber:

In the hands of a crew that know what they're doing, the Thundersword can really ruin a defender's day. This vehicle can carpetbomb, fire lasers at opposing aircraft, and, if a heavy is in the tailgunner spot, can also be a solid platform to launch mortars from.

Shrike-class Fighter:

This aircraft can be used in many ways. It can harass other vehicles, provide air defense, or it can be used to plow into other players or buildings.

Jericho-class Forward Base:

A slow moving mobile base that provides a place for a team to refuel as well as defenses to keep it safe.

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