Awesome kills you got

#1 Posted by Moncole (666 posts) -

What are kills you got that impressed you and you wish more people saw?

I was a Pathfinder and shot down a Shrike when it tried to kill me.

#2 Posted by Ubersmake (771 posts) -

I'm not a Tribes veteran. The only Tribes experience I can claim is that I tried Tribes 1 after it became free, and had no idea what I was doing. And then I played a few rounds of Tribes 2 after it became free, and still had no idea what I was doing. Yeah, definitely not a veteran.

So that made it extremely satisfying (and lucky) when I managed to kill someone in midair with a spinfusor while I was also flying through the air.

Accidental grav bike collision kills are nice, too. But they're a little too random to be satisfying.

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Hmm I once shot at a Shrike with the Doombringer's lock on missile launcher, the guy I shot at managed to lead that missile back to me and it actually killed me. I didn't know that was possible and it blew my mind. 
It's probably a bit sad that my most awesome kill is a self-kill. ;p

#4 Posted by HaltIamReptar (2038 posts) -

I once meleed a dude to death while he was probably away from keyboard.

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My mouse sensitivity fucked up and I ended up just shooting randomly while trying to fix it. I looked up from my mouse and saw I had gotten a Blue Plate Special.

Only been able to get two of those since then.

#6 Posted by Gargantuan (1895 posts) -

Always nice when you lob a mortar shell over a hill and hit the enemy flag capper.

#7 Posted by Marz (5745 posts) -

Sniping someone across the map about to cap the flag and saving the day.

#8 Posted by Nonused (263 posts) -

Always fun predicting the trajectory of a flag carrier and just nailing him with the spinfusor. Done that a couple of times and it's awesome every time.

Also, speeding down a hill to grab the flag while someone else is so close to it. Just walking. "I got this!" they'd say. "Nope," I say.

#9 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

I got a good airshot in with the Thumper yesterday. Crossbow-wielding speedy motherfucker had me down to like 30 health and zipped over my head; I flicked the mouse up and knocked him out of the sky.

On a related note, the sound that chimes in whenever you earn an accolade in T:A is like sweet, sweet crack. I get a Pavlovian dopamine reaction or something whenever it dings.

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I shot my Spinfusor randomly and somehow hit a GravCycle that was in mid air. Best feeling ever.

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