Beta started, whos playing with me?

#1 Posted by DG991 (1435 posts) -

I'm playing the beta.

Yup, it's tribes alright.

Lets get some giantbomb action?

#2 Posted by ds8k (427 posts) -

Shit, I guess I forgot to apply for the beta. Pretty fun?

#3 Posted by DG991 (1435 posts) -

So far.. I'm playing it and it feels JUST like tribes 2. Which is a good thing.

The bad thing is these gold credits are pissing me off. I liked when ANYONE could just go get a tank or an aircraft right away. Currently you have to earn gold credits to buy a shrike or something. I don't really see why that was necessary and I think it limits the game.

My friend who really liked tribes vengeance misses the grapling hook. Idc i didn't like it. I'm a tribes 2 kinda guy.

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