Capping a flag in tribes:ascend is great

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I played a bit of tribes ascend today and had a blast! Waiting for the exact moment to swoop in and take that flag and succesfully bringing it back to the base with the entire enemy team is such an adrenaline rush! I also killed the enemy flag carrier and swooped in and returned our flag while we were at a stalemate where both of us had the flag, that kill and return caused us to win the game.

Shooting a dude out of the sky with a spinfusor disc is pretty rewarding too haha.

this game is full of those adrenaline rush moments and i think it's one of the best F2P experiences out there. I was afraid when i heard Hi-Rez was doing this game cause their track record ain't that great to be honest, but they really nailed that oldskool tribes feeling and added soms stuff that makes sense.

I'm playing this game on minimal settings, and i really don't give a damn cause it is so much fun, and with all the action and speed it happens with i don't have time to notice pretty things anyway.

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What's wrong with Hi-Rez Studios' track record? I never played it, but I've always heard that Global Agenda was great.

Edit: But yeah, everything about Tribes Ascend is great. Everybody should at least give it a shot.

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My experience with flag capping post-alpha is that people just camp the shit out of the flag.

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Yeah it feels great, but unless you spec towards capping, it's getting harder and harder with all the heavies camping the flags. You gotta be real fast.

Though I find that not many are actually willing to take the flag-capping initiative so I end up with 3 caps or more per match as a pathfinder. That one ice level is awesome since there are a lot of slopes to ski around and hide behind, lots of good capping routes.

I'm really digging this Tribes game. It might not quite be the Tribes experience I hoped for, but it certainly delivered more than I expected.

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Screw F2P-experience, this is one of the best shooters out there. No, it ain't Tribes 2, but it's still incredible and so much more polished and fresh then BF3.

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yeah one of the best shooters for sure. Spent some cash cause i wanted all the classes. Defending with a doombringer is pretty cool haha

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