February 9. 2012 - New update

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The latest Tribes: Ascend Closed Beta Patch arrives today, Thursday, February 9. Version 0.1.759.0 introduces new suits/visual aesthetics for the Sentinel, Infiltrator, Technician and Raider classes, lowers prices on many weapons, as well as implements a number of usability improvements and bug fixes on the front-end menu.

  • The Sentinel, Infiltrator, Technician and Raider classes have new suits/visual aesthetics. The Doombringer and Brute will have modifications in an upcoming patch.
  • XP prices of many weapons have been lowered. Those that purchased the weapons at the older XP prices will be refunded XP as if they had purchased at the new prices.
  • The front-end menu has undergone a significant number of usability improvements and bug fixes. Some of the changes include:
    • Easier navigation to modify your class from the in-game class select screen.
    • Several improvements to the Friends list layout and usability.
    • Reduced clicks to join a quick match.
    • Hot-keys to access some menu items.
    • A number of bug fixes and cleanups.
  • Several maps have had adjustments for performance, playabiity and aesthetics. More is planned for future releases.

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