Just another beta key giveaway thread

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Hey duders! Got into this Tribes: Ascend beta and have been playing it religiously over the past week or so... I even wrote my first blog post on the game.

But that's not what this thread is about. This thread is about KEYYYYYYS!

I'm just going to post them in this thread. First come, first serve. If you manage to snag one, though, be sure to SPREAD THE LOVE. I want everyone on Giantbomb to have a key by the end of this!

Before we start, you're gonna need to download the "Hi-Command" launcher from here

OK, ready? Here we go:

  • V2275-11E00-D07F4-C6488-0F121 - TAKEN
  • V289B-39071-8B7E4-4ADBC-ED368- TAKEN
  • V2978-3B8D2-C07C4-B7AA0-3BC68 - TAKEN
  • V2355-70A85-1F2B4-D889B-68C3B - TAKEN

That's all for now! Once you get in, you can click the social button on the lower right and add me if you like. My name in-game is "Starstrider". I hope you guys enjoy the game!

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I wish I kept my key so I could give it away. I love the game, but my schedule and DOTA2 are eating up all my time at the moment haha. I'd probably let someone have my account for the time being if I still didn't hop into Global Agenda occasionally. Oh well. If anyone plans on starting a GB group/night/something for this game then let a brotha know!!!!

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So excited! Grabbed the second (V289B-39071-8B7E4-4ADBC-ED368) code. I don't think the 3rd one works anymore.

Thanks for this!

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Cool got one (V2355-70A85-1F2B4-D889B-68C3B).  Thanks man. I'll check it out. Need a small break from Skyrim anyway. Just for awhile.

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I believe I was the first one to give one away on this site!

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Thanks I got the first one :D. I was surprised coming this late that not all of the codes were taken. Ty :D. Dota 2 + tribes beta = good winter break!

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@ESREVER: @wolf_blitzer85: @Discorsi: Make sure you guys pass on some more keys! In the hi-command launcher, underneath the big red play button, click "beta keys for friends" for a list of all your available keys. You'll probably even get more at a later date. Spread the love.

Edit: I accidentily swapped some digits in the third code. It should work fine now, sorry for the inconvenience.

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Got my beta-key today, but I'm waaay busy playing BF3 so here is myn:


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