Obligatory "Post your Tribes Name" Thread

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Just gonna throw this out there, I think this game is absolutely amazing. IF you don't know by now, you can snag a beta invite by "liking" the facebook page for the game. It is absolutely worth it. I even went ahead and plunked down the $30 to get a quicker look at some of the other classes. Its the first game in a while that I can see myself getting way involved in.

That being said, there is no clan support yet, but there is a friend list. As I'm sure there will be a GiantBomb clan in the future, I wanted to go ahead and get the names on my friend list. Maybe we can get a community team going. Maybe nail down some roles. So, drop your name and preferred role in below:

smackifilia - Capper/Chaser

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Wow no replies... I think this game is great to man I've been playing every night feel free to add me Raguido Its so easy to get a free key for the demo guys all you have to do is like them on Facebook.

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Game is a lot of fun, but haven't had time to play more of it.

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Just got in and have been enjoying it add me if you want

: ToxicFruit

#5 Posted by jennoa (103 posts) -


Just finished my first match. Felt great, and brought back all those memories I had from the original.

#6 Posted by Lanechanger (687 posts) -


This game is a ton of fun

#7 Posted by MacEG (277 posts) -

MackieG. Add it.

#8 Posted by ZeForgotten (10368 posts) -

Add all you want

#9 Posted by Moncole (666 posts) -


add it.

I like using a Juggernaut

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Just got in, digging it a lot so far. Tribes 2 was one of those games I never played but always heard that it was amazing, so I am definitely enjoying this despite the fairly steep learning curve with the whole skiing bit.

Name is overtheANDYHILL

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started playing today and i'm kinda loving it so far.

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lovin it! add me!

#13 Posted by emem (2051 posts) -

You can't see who added you, can you?

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I named myself after a Queens of the Stone Age song since you can't start your name with a number... I remembered literally one second later that Avon is a make-up company.

#15 Posted by crazyleaves (666 posts) -


hit me up! I chill near the base and protect Generators!

#16 Posted by jeffrud (476 posts) -


I like breaking shit with hammers. Also, this game beats ass.

#17 Posted by Aronman789 (2737 posts) -


Started playing today and this game is amazing.

#18 Posted by cassus (398 posts) -

I'm KickPuncher in Tribes.

#19 Posted by Shadowsquire (374 posts) -

I'm GeneralCRye

#20 Posted by DEMONOLOGY_24 (526 posts) -


#21 Posted by Bankrotas (49 posts) -

Sad, that you can't copy paste into the game, or it won't let me.

I'm BloodyToothpick

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Who in here is still playing (so I know who is "worth" adding)?  
I've got so many people on my list... haven't seen a single person online, though.

#23 Posted by Ketchupp (679 posts) -

Ketchupp, I'll probably be playing more often

#24 Posted by smikey (31 posts) -

My username smikey, same as on these forums. I play Technician 99.5% of the time.

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I'm MSX6800. I play Pathfinder mostly because I gotta go fast.

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Name: Freestanding

Really liking tribes.

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Name: Fera1

Anyone organizing community stuff in this game? so far seems pretty good but could be better with some team work.

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Name: Vextroid

Never played a Tribes game before, but started playing this recently and loving it. Skiing and Jet-packing, so much fun!

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Tech: guarding our gens and handing out headaches

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Hopefully I'll be able to fix my computer and get my FPS up to a reasonable rate so I can play more often.

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DrThePunisher - Mostly a TDM Soldier player.

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US East. This game is nuts with the massive influx of new players.

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never played any tribes before but im really liking this so far.


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Anupsis. Anyone feel free to add me.

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Jrinswand. I'll be hanging on US East Coast servers. I'm trying to write some seminar essays right now, but I plan to play a whole lot of this during the summer.
Also, just the sheer fact that this game exists on my hard drive is making it really difficult to get any writing done. :(

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#37 Posted by Nate (798 posts) -

name: TheMysticPickle

Just played one round, but hoping to sink some time into this over my summer vacation. Seems super fun.

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I'm Slyboots503. Playing mostly TDM right now to try the different classes.

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Been playing a lot lately

Tribes name: Sin4profit

Steam name: Sin4profit

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