This is 50% off on Steam right now. Is it worth it?

#1 Posted by AngeTheDude (751 posts) -

I haven't beaten the first Trine but I did like what I played months ago. Is Trine 2 worth $7.49?

#2 Posted by X19 (2370 posts) -

I really enjoyed the first one with a friend. Second one is more of the same and the spark has kinda gone of freshness, slightly more well thought out puzzles, hmm yeah it's worth it, it's what you expect from a sequel.

I did play the demo while drunk and it seemed better then. Doesn't seem as colourful sober XD

#3 Posted by me3639 (1987 posts) -

I would say that is a perfect price point. Plus if you pick it up now it will be easy to find others for co op.

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