Which of the 3 characters do you main?

#1 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19303 posts) -
#2 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19303 posts) -
Each of the 3 has their uses and specialities, but which one do you like to main when you run/jump around/take screenshots?

I've always mained Zoya in Trine and I'm doing the same in this game, she's just so quick and limber.
#3 Posted by Valames (726 posts) -

I main Zoya as well. She has the best locomotion. And she is a very strong independent woman... Ok, my wife is gone. I like her FLESH. Creepy? Maybe...

#4 Posted by Dejkrigeren (388 posts) -

Amadeus because he can bypass most puzzles/make them incredibly easy.

two boxes makes you able to levitate, which is awesome. Basically everything is made a walk in the park by using him.

That being said Zoya is the most fun.

#5 Posted by mosdl (3387 posts) -

Zoya as my main, with Amadeus for crate support. Pontius only for combat with multiple enemies.

#6 Posted by weav2025 (4 posts) -

Zoya was the most versatile of the three, plus she was great at avoiding attackers.

#7 Posted by Flaboere (343 posts) -

Zoya without doubt. It's too good being able to deal with attackers from afar, especially since you often are in a position where you can't easily move or dodge.

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