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Trio the Punch - Never Forget Me... is an Arcade brawler that remained an Arcade exclusive until 2007 when Hamster adapted the game for the PlayStation 2 for a retro Arcade series named Oretachi Ge-sen Zoku. It is known for its absurd elements and general lack of quality and along with Data East's Chelnov (a.k.a. Atomic Runner) and Karnov (the three game projects were lead by the same designer) are considered a "kusoge" trilogy. Both the titular protagonists of Chelnov and Karnov appear in Trio the Punch as enemies.

The player can choose between three characters and must complete a series of stages, often moving vertically instead of horizontally. The player must collect hearts left by enemies in order to summon a boss (though occasionally the boss is there from the offset), which needs to be defeated before the next stage will begin.

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