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Trip is an A.I. companion in the game Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. She has certain gadgets and abilities crucial to both the gameplay and story development. In the game It is very important to protect her life, because if she dies, so does Monkey; the character controlled by the player. She affixes a slave head band on Monkey to force him into protecting her from the dangers of the post apocalyptic wasteland players venture in throughout the game.

Trip is voiced by actress Lindsey Shaw.

Trip's Gadgets/ Commands

  • Follow - Monkey is able to command Trip to follow him when danger has been subsided.
  • Heal - Trip can use healing serums to recover Monkey's health
  • Upgrade - Trip can upgrade Monkey's Staff, Combat abilities, Health and Shield.
  • Decoy - Trip can display a decoy to distract Mechs so Monkey can gain advantage in combat or get to an objective unharmed.
  • Wrist-Computer - Trip uses her fancy, futuristic, holographic wrist-computer to hack security and scan enemies/ objects.


  • Since Enslaved is a re-imagining of Chinese classic "Journey to the West", Trip is based on Tripitaka / Xuanzang, the monk who travels with his disciples in order to seek enlightenment.

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