The Death of a Video Game Benchmark

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Hair still not there, I feel this might be a food way to step back and rethink things as Triple H regrows his hair for the next generation of video game graphics.

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This has got to be one of the funnier articles I've seen on the site in ages! Well played, Jeff!

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Ageia..... I mean NVidia Physx can render hair quite well and realistically with today's top Geforce GPUs.

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I have not watched fucking wrestling since hulk hogan the the fucking wwf was around and have not played more than 40 fuckinh minutes of a wrestling game since the fucking nes and the SNES genesis and arcades,

in other words I play the fucking demos and never played the crap 32bit wrestling games out side of the demos on the disc and have to sit through it while other people played it and how dumb they are.

and the onlky fucking wrestling game i ever liked was and was wowed by is pro wrestling and it had starman. Hell I still rather play fucking pro wrestling to this day.

Besides Only the fucking PC has real benchmarks anyway nobody cared or has ever cared about benchmarking weak ass console hardware anyway seem alive and well to me benchmarks come out all the fucking time. everytime a console comes out it looks like the same old ass GPU effect we have seen on PC 3 years before that the fucking xbox 360 came out and I thought the games looked like old ass PC games from 2003. The benchmark is get some dinosaur or hot chick to do crap that looks impressive or combine both and have a sexy dinosaur hot chick to stuff that pushes polygons and GPU effects.

The only benchmarks console get is ones made up by nintendo sega microsfot and sony so they can show it give fake numbers and then say you can launch fucking missles with it then ducktape 4 them together and run norad in your basement while running pixar movies in real know all that stuff you could do with a PC anyway. there this chick has the fucking hair of the next 5 years for consoles already benchmarks are over. Next e3 you will see chicks with this same fucking hair.

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I never knew how important it was. May his hair rest in peace?

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