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Triptocaine always appears as a blue substance, carried in a small glass phial with a black lid. The drug is taken by sniffing it and it is most likely a powder. It at first appears that Norman Jayden suffers from an addiction to triptocaine and that withdrawal from the drug causes extreme fits of cold sweats, dizziness, pain and other symptoms. His virtual butler who exists within the ARI (a technology which allows Jayden to enter and interact with virtual worlds) tells him not to over-indulge in "you-know-what", warning that it could even kill him and it at first seems that he is referring solely to triptocaine.
Later revelations suggest that it's far more likely that the symptoms Jayden suffers from are a result of over-use of the ARI and not of the triptocaine. It also seems likely that the triptocaine, while probably a highly dangerous drug, is actually a painkiller or a means of reversing the negative effects of the ARI. In one of the possible endings of the game Jayden dies from overdosing on triptocaine, attempting to reverse the effects of the ARI. Another ending includes Jayden seeing holographic tanks as a result of over-use of the ARI and possible refrain from the use triptocaine, and another includes Jayden quitting his job with the police and disposing of the ARI, suggesting he will also stop taking the triptocaine.

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