How the F*** do you defeat the Black Guard?

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[Insert racist joke]

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@Jack268 said:
" [Insert racist joke] "
[insert cruel snicker]
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Seeing as this game isn't out for another week, I don't think you'll find much help just yet. Lower the difficulty? Are there any hints in a previous cut-scene maybe? 

#5 Posted by guyver0 (167 posts) -

nah nothing. and the character descriptor say they have no vulnerabilities :-/ 

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Hmm, are you supposed to dodge the boss' attack until he depletes his stamina and then wail on him?

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Hit him with your motorbike

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nope they aren't bosses. just normal npc's but super tough ones. with genades. so you cant get near them without derezzing. :-/

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ok figured it out! stasis disc heavy attack!

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