If they were to ever make another Tron game, what would you like-

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to see in it? My other question is, since I'm a huge Tron fan, would you recommend Evolution, or maybe, I want this game regardless of what scores it got, but what console should I get it on, PS3 or 360? I was thinking PS3. Anyways, I feel like Tron has a big enough and even further expanding universe, and I'd love to see a high quality Tron game that actually makes people want to buy it. I can come up with ideas, not very in depth ones, and not very original ones, but stuff I'd like to see in one. I'd love to see someone put in combat and when they do, make it like the Arkham games, having it be simple yet look cool and being fun.

There are characters in Tron that can fight well, and I think it'd be cool to see that in game form. As far as I've heard, in Evolution, it doesn't really do the Tron setting justice because there's not a lot of variety to it. I'm not exactly sure how they'd set it up to be effective, but I'd love to see Tron City, Argon City, Outlands, Sea of Simulation, and the smaller things like the clubs and what have you. Maybe even make a new place. There are so far a lot of great and interesting places in the Tron universe and I'd love to see it utilized well. I guess that's all. I'd really just love to see a high quality Tron game that gets the atmosphere correct.

Also, I've said this a few times before, but I very much recommend Tron: Uprising. It has great characters, great music, exciting action, and fantastic visuals. It's basically everything I would want from my experience into the Tron universe anyways. Now that I think about it, it doesn’t really even need to be a retail product; it could simply be a downloadable one. Like… the way Outland was. I don’t usually play a lot of those types of games, but if a developer like Housemarque’s made one, that’d be fine I think. I just want a good Tron game. That’s all. Oh, and it'd be a good game to use mo-cap with.

Also, watch these.

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John Vignocchi as a playable character.

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@Zleunamme said:

John Vignocchi as a playable character.

Nail. Head. Hit. The rest is icing.

Honestly though, I just want the style to be right and there to be some Daft Punk. A playable game underneath, wherever they decided to go with that bit, that'd be nice. hahah...

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I want a god-game/city-builder where you play as Flynn creating Tron City. That would be the shit. Especially if they got Jeff Bridges involved. A man can dream...

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I would be satisfied with a game of some sort based on Uprising. My dream would be an epic open-world style game, with fun combat and a good story, like Arkham City or something like that, but I would be happy with anything as long as it was produced well and was in the spirit of TRON. I also want to reiterate the OP's praise for TRON: Uprising. Seriously that show is really impressing me, and I hope they keep up the high quality.

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@shadowdrone: I agree. An open world Tron would be great, a game that was Tron-inspired would be cool too, but I'd rather just it be in the Tron universe if it was great. Also, I'm glad you are liking the show as well. It needs more views, Tron is great, and this is a great addition to it.

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Moar light cycles.

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In the end, it turns out you were seeing Johnny V's bad acid trip in an arcade.

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