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Not Fully Rezzed

I finished Tron: Evolution a few hours ago. I enjoyed it but the game has a lot of issues. The combat was satisfactory. It gave me a decent feeling of being an ultimate frisbee god and the different enemies changed up the combat so it never became boring. This combat carrys over to multiplayer and it is still fun. The problem is they decided to not make the game combat base. You spend most of the time navigating the enviroment. Just as others have said, it is Prince of Persia 2008 with a Tron skin. What didn't work then, still don't work. I'm not sure why they decided to go that route either. There is nothing in Tron that would make PoP gameplay a good fit. Visually it looks like the world of Tron. It is pleasing and I really liked the design of the main character. However, the visual style makes the Prince of Persia game play segments way more annoying that it should be. Initially, the game provided a helpful path finder. The "bit" from the original movie shows you the path where to go but for some reason, that just goes away. Some of the later levels give you almost no feedback as to where to go. You will pass by a dozen doors that don't open and then they expect you to go through the thirteenth door without telling you that you can. Then you have the story, which sucked. in fact the ending of the game was a rather big FU to the player. Much like PoP 2008 now that I think about it. I don't know how long the multiplayer will last in this game but the game is almost worth picking up for that. For the record I got the 360 version and didn't see any of the reported frame rate issues. It locked up a few times but it might have been been my 360.    
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