Location or concept?

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I was fairly surprised to see this in the location section of the site.  There is not a "Tropical Island" that is used across many games.  I would have to say this is a concept, not a location.   Another iteration of this argument could be used for say, the Moon.  If you are using Earth's Moon in a game, that is a location.  But a generic moon around another planet would be a concept, unless it was a specific moon.


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I see your argument but then you start to have Tropical Island in concepts and Rainbow Island (or whatever) in locations and it starts to jam the site up with needless duplicates of ideas across categories. In the interests of clarity its better to keep tropical island and Rainbow island as locations and island related themes, like marooned for example, in the concepts feild.

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I just think of a tropical island as a generic location, but I do get your point.  It's still technically a location.

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