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Actually a better experience than the PC version 0

To my amazement, when playing the X360 version of Tropico 3, I found myself finally getting into the true details that make this game click.  This coming after trying several times to get into the PC version and never making it much past the second island.  I found the PC version to be clunky and pretty much unresponsive when comparing it to many of the games of this ilk on the same platform.  What makes the 360 version superior is ts that Kalypso had to streamline a lot of the commands when map...

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Dance Monkeys Dance (Tropico 3) 0

 My Mojito needs more mint NOW you pathetic little worms! The above is the nearest I can get to explaining this game in one sentence. Here we have Tropico 3, the quickest way to become a dictator in the history of the xbox 360. Gameplay. This is simple, you are charged with becoming a despot of your very own little tropical island through various scripted campaign missions or sandbox mode. You build what your island needs to prosper and grow while at the same time dealing with the political ...

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¡Viva, El Presidente! 0

  Welcome to Tropico, your own Caribbean paradise or hell (dependent on how well you play). Tropico 3 developed by Haeminont Games and published by Kalypso Media gives you these choices and many, many more.  When starting, one gets to choose between a campaign, a sandbox, or challenge (multiplayer) mode.  After playing for quite a few hours, I realized: “Hey, I’m really bad at this, ” and Juanito (your own radio DJ) does not make this any easier.  So I went to the sandbox mode which a...

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GBU Review - Tropico 3 0

          Best box art ever. This is the first in a series of video game reviews, in which I shall use a simple method - the ''good, bad and the ugly'' method, in order to help me describe a video game. I'm sorry if there's any spelling mistakes, as English is not my native language.    Description           This is a review for the Xbox 360 version of Tropico 3. The game first came out on PC last October (both in the US and in Europe), and this February it came out on the Xbox 360 in the US...

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It's good to be El Presidente!! 0

Follow us on Twitter:   Review taken from:   TROPICO 3 REVIEW PC & 360 Your Paradise City building games have long had staunch, loyal supporters and those that don’t understand them or just choose hate them, few of these games encapsulate that as much as Tropico 3. This god playing city builder lets you be El Presidente, ruler of tropical Caribbean islands during the Cold War, and asks you to build prosperous lands while naviga...

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Filled a empty genre. 0

I don't know how many games like this are on the Xbox 360 but if we could get more it sure be nice.  The game don't try too hard to make a newbie very welcome but with some patience and maybe some Google searches, you'll soon be able to get the basics and have fun.  The visuals are neither wow or subpar.  They function well with the zoom which has quite a range of close up and far views.  The animations of building shops and other buildings is pretty generic as is the car/truck traffic.  People ...

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Tropico 3 Review 0

One of the best sim city like experiences you can ever have. You play as a dictactor of your own island making decisons all through the game. The campain gets boring after the first couple of missions but the sandbox mode is like a god mode which you can do anything and is really fun if you like these sort of games. There are different factions in the game which you have to make them like you by building different buildings and making different decisons. Overall this game is good but the campain...

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One Playthrough Worth 0

Viva La Presidente! This game was fun for like 8 hours and I’ll never play it again. I built all the buildings, did all the stuff, made millions, etc in my 1st Sandbox play-through. Was it fun? Yes, it was very engrossing as I built up my little tiny nation of the Republic of Von Soot and put down all the rebels. The game is definitely polished in terms of the simple UI, great graphics, and pretty hilarious dialog with some catchy Caribbean tunes. There is also a fun speech-editor that lets you ...

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Hmmmm 0

Tropico so many words to describe but one justs keeps popping into my head,  repative. When I started playing this game I was addicted to it but once you get you get to bit were either, you went on sandbox or you have done most the missions, It just got dull for me. But it does have some brightsides like being able to arrest or even kill your oppenent in the elections and all sorts of stuff like that. But over all it's a bog standard game for me....

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Tropico 3 is a real winner 0

Who wouldn’t want to be a dictator and run their own mini Cuba? Think of it: cigars, mojitos, and all night salsa! Tropico 3 is a clever blend of Sim-City and Theme Park set in the 1950s Caribbean. Available for both the PC and Xbox360, it made a refreshing change to the “flash-bang-wallop” that most of November’s games were all about. With a wonderful soundtrack, decent graphics and more satire than an episode of “Have I Got News For You”; Tropico 3 is a real winner.    ...

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Acquired Taste 0

I had serious reservations about this game, believing that this would be a huge step down from the PC version --- a fair concern given that these games, almost always, are massive letdowns after stellar PC versions. Somehow, Kalypso avoided this issue and made a really good strategy/simulation.You, of course, are a Latin "leader" of assorted island nations. All have issues that you have to overcome, such as poor land, rebel discontent, and the US and USSR not being fond of some of your decisions...

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