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True Golf Classics: Wicked 18, also known as Devil's Course in Japan, is part of T&E Soft's series of golf simulators. The earlier games in the series, True Golf Classics: Waialae Country Club and True Golf Classics: Pebble Beach Golf Links, both took place on actual golf courses but Wicked 18 presents an entirely fictional course with outlandish and even fantastical elements such as lava and floating islands.

The game uses the series' now traditional 3D view for each course, presenting a rough idea of the topography of the area and the distance from the hole. Wicked 18 has a considerable amount of higher walls and cliffs than a normal mostly flat golf course, and the player can experiment banking shots off these steep inclines.

As was the case with Waialae Country Club and Pebble Beach Golf Links, the game saw releases for the Sega Genesis, the Super Nintendo and the NEC PC-9801. Wicked 18 was also released for the 3DO.

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