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Trypticon is big and powerful like all giant Transformer characters, and like most he lacks intelligence but for some reason is even more stupid than normal. 

In "robot" mode rather than having the typical humanoid appearance he instead takes the form of what looks like a giant metal Tyranosaurus Rex with guns. Unlike most Decepticons he's generally not interested in combat or war despite being designed and built for the sole purpose of destruction, originally being described by his creator as the ultimate weapon. When he doesn't get his way he throws a tantrum and goes on a rampage similar to how a young child would behave and so he is yet another absurdly powerful Transformer who is no-where near as effective as they should be.
When he does take interest in battle its almost exclusively when being promised a fight with his nemesis Metroxplex, who like himself functions as a portable base for his smaller comrades. 
Trypticon is making his debut video game appearance in Transformers War for Cybertron as the final boss of the Autobot campaign, just as Omega Supreme is in the Decepticon campaign.  In the game it is assumed his personality will be altered for the purposes of not only making him more intimidating but a better boss fight as well.  Based on the original promotion trailer its already very clear his arsenal has been buffed up and like all the WfC characters he has a bulkier more 'video-game-ish' design.
His animated appearances include:
Transformers G2
Transformers Headmasters
Transformers Zone

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