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Game play

Tumiki Fighters (Toy fighters) is a 2D shooter in which players control their ship and destroy enemies. In Tumiki fighters, You cannot collide with your enemies, You simply glide over them but it is alot harder than it may seem because the enemy is firing bullets at you and there are several enemies on screen at the same time. Once an enemy is destroyed, His pieces fall down and you may catch them, once the piece is caught, It is used as a shield however the stuck pieces are destroyed when they're hit by an enemy's bullet.  There is also a "shrink" button in the game which comes in handy when you need to avoid enemy fire.

Game design

Tumiki Fighther has 5 different levels with a boss fight awaiting you at the end of each level.The levels escalate in difficulty considerably the further you get.
(Need someone to fill the level layout out)

Level 1: We are Tumiki Fighters !


Level 2:


Level 3:


Level 4:


Level 5:


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