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In Tunneler each player starts in their own base which is randomly placed with in a cave. The cave itself is full of dirt which players must dig through to find each other. The world border is a rock wall which cannot be destroyed.

Each player has a energy (E) and shield (S) meter on the bottom half of their screen. Energy is depleted by moving around, digging, shooting and shooting while digging. Moving cost the least amount of energy while shooting and while digging cost the most.

Players can recharged their energy by entering their own base or the other players but shields could only be re-charged at the players own base. If a player’s energy or shields got low their screen would start displaying static.

To win the game one player had to be the first to kill the other 3 times. After each kill both players would re-spawn in their home base. Any existing tunnels would remain until the end of the game.

At the end of a game the world map is revealed along with gameplay statistics.

System Requirements

  • 6 Mhz IBM PC-AT


  • Player 1 - W (Up), A (Left), D (Right), X (Down) and CTRL (Shoot)
  • Player 2 - Arrow keys, Enter (Fire)
  • F1 and F2 would enable and disable the games sound

Holding up and a direction or down and a direction would allow for diagonal movement.

Post-game statistics

  • Shots fired
  • Shots hit
  • Percent hit
  • Meters dug
  • Meters traveled


Geoffrey offered Tunneler for free and encouraged sharing it via BBS systems. He did however accept $10 donations which in return he would send you the latest version of Tunneler in the mail.

Also offered was what might be considered the earliest form of DLC. You could pay $6 for documentation on how to enable a low-resolution (16 colours) mode or $16 for the source code to the game engine as well as the low-resolution documentation.

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