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The first free-roaming driving game of its kind developed by Durell Software with the assistance of Lotus Cars Ltd released in 1986. At that time the longest development cycle of any game taking a total of 10 months to develop.


 The player takes the role of a special agent driving a Lotus Esprit cop car, with the objective of preventing drug smugglers completing their delivery runs reducing crime rates in the city. Traveling through 4 cities the player must use tip-offs provided by HQ to locate and apprehend drug dealers via built in-car GPS. Cars can be destroyed using machine guns or by ramming them until they surrender.
Points are awarded for drug busts and penalties incurred for causing environmental damage, hitting pedestrians and causing car accidents. Progress is tracked through a savable high score system.

Game Environment

Cities feature multi lane roads and highways laid out in a grid pattern. Traffic lights, crossings, junctions, roadworks are also implemented in the city design. A.I. cars and pedestrians fill the streets all obeying traffic laws. As the game progresses difficulty is increased by making roads narrower, adding more obstacles, cars and pedestrians to the streets.

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