Reverse-Engineered Battle System Data?

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Does anyone know of a website or book where someone has analyzed (in detail) the battle systems from classic turn-based RPGs like FF and Dragon Quest? 
I'm looking for anything -- documentation by rom hackers, interviews with original developers, articles on game development sites, etc.. Anything that can give me the actual math being used. 
I'm working on a few game programming projects in my spare time and I've been giving myself assignments that run through different stages of game development.
I've got a fairly robust interactive fiction engine working and I'd like to move on to prototyping various parts of some early 8 and 16 bit games. I'd be happy to share some of the results here if anyone's interested.

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bumping once, just in case someone knows and missed it.

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@oraknabo:  im guessing that your best bet is to track down the people who hack japanese games that never came to the us in order to insert english text for a fan translation. They have to do alot of messing with the code. Otherwise i bet alot of the people you want to talk to only speak japanese and dont spend alot of time posting in message boards.
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Yeah, I'm planning to direct this at more specific people at some point, but I wanted to start by casting a wide net and seeing if it hadn't already been published somewhere. 
I think this could make a pretty fascinating study even without doing the prototypes.  I'll check with some rom hackers directly or maybe try to analyze a couple of them myself. 

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