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A re-imaging that's turned out for the best but still contains so 0

Turok Released: Feb/05/08. Difficulty: Variable. Developed by: Propaganda Games. Learning curve: 0 - 30 min.. Published by: Touch Stone. Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3, PC. Pros: + Amazing visuals, + Killing dinosaurs is awesome, + Lush forest’s, + T-rex Battles are epic. Cons: - Stupid A.I., - No aim assist, - Human enemies not as fun, - Short single player, - Very few checkpoints, - Knife Mechanics aren’t well tuned. Review.After many months of fine-tuning and days in stores...

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Plenty of Bloodthirsty Reptilians to Deal With 0

The Good:- knife kills feel appropriately violent- dinosaurs die in sprays of blood and gore- combat is very satisfying and difficult at times- pretty solid campaign length, particularly on the harder difficultiesThe Bad:- multiplayer lags, sometimes- almost impossible to collect all the multiplayer-related achievements- textures can take awhile to loadIf you've done some research you'll know that Turok (2008) is a complete revamp of the popular series. In fact, the only thing this game has in c...

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Frustration, tedium, and mediocrity all rolled into one. 0

I've always felt that no matter how poor a game might be, as long as it has hype to back it, it will be well received by the vast majority. That doesn't really seem to be the case here with the latest dino-slaying frag-fest. It seems no amount of hype was capable of elevating Turok to anything other than mediocrity. While Turok has all the makings, and definitely the potential, of being a truly exceptional shooter, the general feeling of playing the game is a mixed bag of frustration and tedium....

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The Lost World 0

There was a time when shooting the shit out of things was completely acceptable... wait... ahem... well games with maniacal weapons and dinosaurs were completely acceptable. Turok 2 on the N64 is an unforgiving and clunky experience these days but back in the day, it was a core shooter. Shooters these days are sharp, precise, and accurate. Essentially, the modern shooter is predictable. We aim, we hit our targets. Our targets flinch and die. Bullets, lasers, rockets and knives kill a billion sol...

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Fighting Dinosaurs never felt so good. 0

Good: Good story, Great voice acting, Cool Weapons, You get to fight Dinosaurs Bad: Not enough Checkpoints, Firefights can last to long, Its funner to fight Dinosaurs than humans. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Turok is a long time running franchise which got its start on the N64 and spawned tons of sequels. The last installment in the Turok franchise was "Turok Evolution" Which was a completely crappy game. But the new Turok rises above that. The ...

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Avoid at all cost's 0

so i got turok a while ago think "the reviews say its bad but it cant be that bad" well it is. other than knife kills there is nothing good in this game. charcters stand there in the middle of fights. you can be killed with 20 shots in your head and sometimes 1 which makes no sence cause the enemys use about 2 different guns for half of the game. the grapics are ok. some thingslook good (leaves) while grass and dirt look bad.the goodif any thing to mention is knife killsthe badonline that suckss...

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I recall fondly the days of the N64, and playing the very first Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. In fact, the game may have very well been my first FPS game that I ever played, and despite the foggy visuals and nonexistent story, I enjoyed the heck out of Turok's frenetic shooting and visceral fights with a childhood obsession of mine, Dinosaurs.Now, over a decade later, the beloved franchise, once thought dead, has returned to the next gen consoles in a big big way. Yes, Turok has returned in a well exe...

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If you want a new game to pick-up and try out, try this! 0

    The original Turok series was a fun weapon based first-person shooter on the N64, and it’s decided to come back for another bite out of your wallet.   The games story has been criticized for not really being there. Well, the games story is pretty thin and there could have been so much more. You play has Joseph Turok, a Native American who has joined the ranks of the Whiskey Company on a mission to track down and capture a man named Roland Kane, Turok’s former mentor. When your ship is shot d...

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Turok 0

When this reboot for the Turok video games series came out back in 2008, I thought it was going to be painstakingly good. Unfortunately, however, the goddamn game fell flat on its face, largely in part to Propaganda Games deciding on keeping it in the first-person. Terrible move. First of all, the main character of Joseph Turok is a stealthy Spec Ops, Rambo-like commando with a bad Mohawk. His specialty is stealth combat, and once you start down that path, you start favoring the stealthy methods...

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FPS+Dinos should be unlimited FUN.. But very limited in TUROK 0

Well lets get one thing out right way.. TUROK is not a bad game in any means, neither is it ugly.. Its only that the game feels unfinished in sooo many aspects and thus TUROK finds itself in this mess..In the story mode u play as Joseph Turok an ex of a black ops squad "Wolf Pack" and now part of the commando team called Whiskey Company. Ur primary aim is to track down Rolnd Kane the chief of the Wolf Pack and turok's old mentor.. In the begining itself the ship in which u were travelling is hit...

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Between disapointing and interesting 0

Turok is a game that came out for PC a bit later then the console version.The game starts in this spaceship where is Turok (our main character).The intro shows us that he was first a prisoner,then a part of The Wolfpack (with its leader Kane (not that one :))) and he is a part of soldier-team,but of course,nobody thrusts him.5 minutes later a rocket crashes into the ship and you are (of course) one of the survivors.When you start exploring the new planet,you see it's full of dinosaurs,big bugs.....

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A solid game with a liquid story nonetheless lots of fluid fun 0

My reviews are really complex but since this game is good but not enough important to give it a full analysis, I'll give a quick panorama on it.Graphics: it was released in 2006 so it already has four years of life by now. They look good, nice explosions, great looking weapons [except the halo-covenant-like grenade pistol], it also has really nice forest maps. Textures aren't so nice and 3D character models [non-troopers] seem lacking details but it doesn't matter since the only things we should...

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Turok evolved from 'Evolution', but still isn't there. 0

 Turok is a well remembered title from the Nintendo 64 days. It had a couple of good runs, but recently, it's been more than dead. There's probably a good reason for that. It's not the idea behind Turok that's horrid. It's the developers that feel they need to invent something new, when in actuality, most Turok fans were perfectly fine with Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. Instead of improving on that game, the developers think it's time to have some futuristic sci-fi space marine game.This new Turok is ...

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