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Back Story

Tusk is a Barbarian that comes from the icy wastelands of the North. He is the last of a breed of warriors wiped out due to intense rivalry with the warlords. Tusk now spends his time living a life of luxury as the Champion of the Gladiatorial Area, but is called into battle when the demonic shadow of Gargos rises once more. He makes it his mission to end the blood feud once and for all.  


Depending on whether you kill Combo and/or Maya, you can achieve several different endings.  
  • Killing Maya but not Combo:  After defeating Gargos, Tusk returns to the Arena a hero, but surrounded by younger and more skill-full champions, Tusk doubts his reign as Champion will last.
  • Killing Combo but not Maya:  After defeating Gargos, Tusk heads to Amazonia where they marry, but he is doomed to never feed his appetite for battle.
  • Killing both Combo and Maya:  After defeating Gargos, Tusk returns to the Arena and conquers all challengers, and goes on to become the greatest undefeated Champion of all time.

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