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 This game featured some serious weed, bro.
 Original Box Art
Tusker is an action adventure much like The Last Ninja series, 
you might say it's The Last Ninja only with Mr. Ninja replaced by Indiana Jones, 
battling and puzzle-solving your way through three exotic locales including a jungle, desert and ancient temple.

You're armed with neat things like a Machete, gun with limited ammo, a whip, sling and of course your bare fists! The brawls in the game tended to be somewhat quick thanks to the one-hit kill weapons, and you had to keep an eye on both your health and water meter. If one of them depletes, you're dead. A somewhat intuitive thing for it's time was how the game gave you a hint everytime you died, often encouraging you to give it just one more try, followed by another.

Developed by the same company behind the Last Ninja games, System 3, it's hard not to draw comparisons between the two and while Tusker is a tad more obscure it's still a heck of a game. Noteworthy is as per usual the amazing music, especially for the c64 version. Composed by Matt Gray of Last Ninja 2 fame, with his heavy drums and deep guitar distortion - it really gets you in the mood for some Indiana Jonesesque action and often you'd find yourself replaying the game just to hear the music one more time.

Fun little notice at the end is that Tusker featured a puzzle where you put rocks on a huge scale to open a door. Some time later Lucas Art's pc game "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis" featured a similar puzzle and it's fun to speculate whether or not this was a coincidence.

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