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Tv Star is a quiz game made by Monte Cristo games.

The main premise of the game is to rise from working has a janiter for a newspaper company to becoming a television celebrity phenomonom.
The gameplay in Tv Star is different to many other games, the game begins in a birdseye perspective, looking down at your character and can be controlled by clicking on a certain location to get them there. You start of has an janiter and are required to gain enough xp so that you can challenge a person who is in an higher payed job than you, to gain experience you must wander the Tv Station in search for wrapped gifts and pieces of paper, and then hand them into the lead editor, once you have enough xp you will be able to challenge the next highest person to you, once you challenge them you must beat them in a gameshow styled multi choice question, answer 3 of the 5 questions correctly and you will take there job and gt one step closer to becoming an lead editor, once you become a lead editor you leave the company you are working for, join another, and do the same again.

The box art angered many gamers has it gave a completely different impression to the game
The box art angered many gamers has it gave a completely different impression to the game

There was som e confusion over the game when it was released, particulary that it was a quiz game despite there being no clues to this on the box for the game leading some people who purchased the game to be angry and misinformed, and although the box art tells of how you will become an televsion star, never will your character appear on television, instead they will become the lead producer or manager on a Tv show.  The women on the front of the cover for the game was also not in the game at all. Overall the game didnt realy give the players the chance to become or create ther e own tv show infact the game never even trys to do this, instead it gives an arcadic quiz game with a bit of depth.

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