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Twin Galaxies was founded by Walter Day in 1981, in an early effort to archive high scores achieved during the classic era of arcade gaming. In the following decades, Twin Galaxies expanded their database to accommodate all mainstream classic and modern consoles. The early formation of the database has allowed Twin Galaxies to be the home of the deepest known high score database in arcade history.

New Ownership

Walter Day stepped down from his role within Twin Galaxies in 2010. Ownership of the company changed ownership multiple times between 2010 and 2013, before an internal dispute led to the website being temporarily defunct. In March 2014, Twin Galaxies and all of the company's assets were purchased by the CEO of HDFILMS, Jace Hall.

In the time since Jace Hall has taken ownership of the Twin Galaxies, drastic changes have been made to the internal and external structures of the company. The webpage and database have both received major cosmetic overhauls, and multiple new features have been implemented. Additionally, new processes have been developed to handle how scores are submitted, adjudicated, and added to the database.

Twin Galaxies no longer relies on appointed referees to verify scores. Instead, a much more efficient "community adjudication process" has been implemented which allows verified members of the community to see and vote on the legitimacy of newly submitted scores. Moreover, community members are now empowered to add new games or tracks to the database.

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