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Twin Hawk, known in Japan as Daisenpuu ("Great Whirlwind"), is a vertically-scrolling shoot 'em up for Arcade, Sega Mega Drive (both the Japanese and European versions) and the PC Engine. The player takes the role of the lead pilot of a squadron of planes and takes on an army of tanks and boats. They can command their squadron to form ranks, and use them to kamikaze targets on the ground or keep them around for the extra firepower.

The story of the game involves the fictional nation of Gorongo, which almost fell to a military coup after WWII ended. General Giovanni occupied an island south of the country as a base to start his occupation of Gorongo, and the player is called in to attack his base directly via an aerial attack as the General has no air units.

The game would be rereleased on the PC Engine CD as the slightly enhanced Daisenpuu Custom which added new stages, enemies and a CD soundtrack.

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