Anyone remember this?

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This was one of my favourite games from back in the day. I know Ravey is a fan of the game, but I was wondering if there are any other people who like Little Big Adventure? The game shines in every possible way, and one that all action-adventurer's should look into. It certainly isn't a franchise everyone's heard of, but one that I hope a third game comes from some time in the future. Check out the awesome Wiki page written by the aforementioned Ravey if you're intrigued by the screenshots below.

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I remember seeing this game in Gaming Magazines, and thinking it looked cool, but I never actually played it.

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I loved little big adventure 1 & 2. I could never decide which one is better. They are both wonderful. Unfortunately I don't have LBA2 anymore. I have LBA 1 on the PSOne. wish they made LBA 2 for the playstation. I'd love to see a third LBA too. I know for sure a lot of fans have been requesting it.

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They could make money off a new Little Big Adventure game. People would associate the brand with LittleBigPlanet, despite there being no connection.

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MattyFTM said:
"They could make money off a new Little Big Adventure game. People would associate the brand with LittleBigPlanet, despite there being no connection."
lol. That is kinda true. I'm sure it would sell well. I'd hope so at least. There are plenty of LBA fans still dreaming of a return. Though I dont want to believe it, there's more chance of seeing Alan Wake then LBA 3. Maybe in the future though, some big time company will look at LBA and bring it back to life, like Bethesda Studios with Fallout. Though, I'd hate to see LBA as a First Person shooter ^_^
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I remember playing this game along time ago but I can't really recollect anything about it. The thing that has stuck in my head about this game is the Twinsen character but I could never remember the name of the actual game. Thanks for jogging my memory. I may have a copy of the game lying around my house somewhere so I might check it out again but I doubt I'll be able to find it.

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This game has been evading my knowledge for over 11 years. I saw this game being played at some random house that my parents brought me to when I was only seven years old and I watched someone play this. And for no reason I can explain the image of the game stuck in my head ever since.
A dark rainy town with a shore. A man sitting on a ledge. The character having weird sleeves. An elephant person. A hotrod and a race track. Stealth. Some situation where you throw (or maybe dodge?) balls at a wall. IN MY HEAD FOR ELEVEN YEARS

I'm really amazed I found it out... Wow...

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@TiE23: Stuck in your mind, just like a great children's book :) 
Which is kind of a proper comparison to this title, I think.
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This was actually one of the first games I completed. The screenshots brings back good memories:)

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Only played the 2nd, but I was too much of a kid. Not enough patience! Returned it to it's rightful owner after a few sorry attempts. :P

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This is my personal favourite game, I remember being excited for it to come out after having played the first one. I still play it once in a while to this day, it really was ahead of it's time in certain areas in my opinion.
I read somewhere that Frederick Raynal the creator has said he is trying to get the rights for the series to make a third one, I can't imagine a sequel I would want more than that one.

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I remember playing the demo of the first game that came on a demo disc with the Official UK Playstation Magazine and loved it, got really excited and waited for it's release. then rented it for that long that the store told me to keep it as i'd basically bought it off them.
i never owned a pc till i was like 22 so i never played the second game but i watched my friend play through most of it. Just installed it on my laptop last night and have been playing it for hours! oh the memories. great game :)

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Unfortunately I never played LBA2, but was a big fan of the first game on the Playstation. Great little (big) adventure game, shame nothing really came of the franchise beyond this sequel.

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This is one of the games i had most fun playing in my whole life - i'll never forget.

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This is probably the most nostalgic game for me :D god damn it's good

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I know the last post here is from six months ago but this is one of my all time favourite games and I'd like to see it mentioned a little more here. :)

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My sister played Little Big Adventure 2 all the time. I sadly haven't played it since I was to young.

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I could not remember the name of this game since about 1998. I finally decided to go through the Isometric Viewpoint page and found it! Thank you to whoever tagged Twinsen's Odyssey.

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