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Twinsun, as the name suggests orbits two Suns, and as such the two hemispheres are divided by a ring of ice around the centre of the planet known as the Hamalayi Mountains, rather than having ice caps at the two poles like on planet Earth. Twinsun is the home planet of Twinsen, the protagonist for the Little Big Adventure games, which were known as Relentless, and Twinsen's Odyssey. Twinsen is inhabited by a range of distinct races such as the Quetches, Grobos, Rabibunnies and Spheros.

Notable Locations

  • Citadel Island
  • White Leaf Desert
  • Island of the Dome of the Slate
  • Principal Island
  • Proxima Island
  • Rebellion island
  • Polar Island/Crater Island
  • Fortress Island
  • Brundle Island
  • Tipett Island

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