Any luck with the online?

#1 Posted by Demoskinos (15165 posts) -

I've tried over and over to get a game in online in the demo to no avail. "Matchmaking Error" over and over again. This occuring for everyone or what? I loved what I played of singleplayer but man... I REALLY wanna try the online to solidify my decision to buy Twisted Metal instead of Kingdoms of Amalur.

#2 Posted by RE_Player1 (7526 posts) -

I downloaded it today and have had no problems although a lot of people have been having matchmaking errors. Also just solidfy your purchase, this game is insanely fun.

#3 Posted by Marcsman (3296 posts) -

I could not find the servers.

#4 Posted by Cube (4366 posts) -

Nothing but matchmaking errors for me...

#5 Posted by SmiteOfHand (84 posts) -

Twisted Errors here.

#6 Posted by Lukeweizer (2770 posts) -


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@Cube said:

Nothing but matchmaking errors for me...

Unfortunately i have yet to play online . The controls and soundtrack were solid so far but dammit i wish the servers weren't borked

#8 Posted by Nottle (1915 posts) -

I was able to get online once and play 3 or 4 matches. I actually won the first online match i did as Meat Wagon. But since then I haven't been able to get back online. I think David Jaffe has tweeted about it, something to do with so many people playing it or something, more than likely.

#9 Posted by spartanlolz92 (511 posts) -

hard to get on in the morning now its fine

:) the demo just reconfirms my want to buy it such a fun game

:/ still dont understand why they took sweet tooth out of the demo i wanted to play as him so bad

#10 Posted by JazGalaxy (1576 posts) -

I think you just answer your own question. They need to keep something to make you buy it. I had a hard time getting connected to online and then I quit out nd joined again and it worked. After playing a full day offline I was really thrown how the online version of the stage was populated with pedestrians and traffic. That was interesting. After two days of playing, the game went from me being wary of it to a must buy. Its just as hard as every other twisted meal, but it's still worth it to suffer through he learning curve.

#11 Posted by TechHits (1391 posts) -

I can't get a game I keep getting errors

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@JazGalaxy: lol yeah i know but its freaking sweettooth sony longest running mascot

it would be like if they put out the mortal kombat demo but didnt let you play scorpion or subzero

#13 Posted by Virtua_Ben (132 posts) -

I've only gotten errors...but man...even the single player is fun!

#14 Posted by TechHits (1391 posts) -

How is the lag?

#15 Posted by SmiteOfHand (84 posts) -
@TechHits got into a game last night and no lag for me. There was an unfortunate number of people knowing fuck all how Nuke mode worked though.
#16 Edited by TechHits (1391 posts) -

@SmiteOfHand: I have since gotten into a few games, and man was it fun. I gotta say the many years I spend playing TM2 payed off.

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Hi, I got error!! How to rectifier?

#18 Posted by DarthOrange (3908 posts) -

@wjames811 said:

Hi, I got error!! How to rectifier?

Try again. It just takes a while but once you get in its a blast to play.

#19 Posted by huntad (1958 posts) -

I get nothing but matchmaking errors. I

#20 Posted by Anupsis (313 posts) -

I re-downloaded the demo and the matchmaking works a lot better now.

#21 Posted by Ghostiet (5335 posts) -

I had problems booting up the multiplayer at first, the second try I gave it relented and I got into a game in an instant. And it was fun. Twisted Metal is all I need for 2012.

#22 Posted by WMWA (1162 posts) -

Took me 30 minutes of pressing "join" and getting "matchmaking error" in return before I was able to get into a game...and I got owned. It was really fun, though. I'm just not sure if it's a full price purchase for me yet. I'll wait and see

#23 Posted by Three0neFive (2304 posts) -

Now that the full game's out, anyone else still getting matchmaking errors? I've been trying for the last half hour or so and can't get into a match.

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