Kneejerk Reaction: I don't like any of the controls.

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So I just fired this up, and I have to say, I don't like any of these control schemes. It's not as if any of them are ridiculously counter-intuitive, but in every scheme there's at least two or three buttons that feel off. For example, I've just been driving around in the training mode trying to get used to the Racing control scheme, and I keep hitting X to powerslide (fires infinite guns), and find scrolling with triangle and circle to be extremely counter intuitive, (especially since the loadout doesn't scroll, so I have to keep double-taking the bottom of my screen to see where the selection is). Yes, I have tried all of the other schemes, and likewise, there's a few buttons that don't feel right, but Racing feels the most right.

I was hoping for a custom controls menu, but it doesn't look like they've given us that ability. This feels like a gross oversight, especially when you can count on always needing to be hitting/holding any three buttons at the same time for the duration of the match.

Like I said, kneejerk reaction. I'm going to keep driving around get used to these controls. Anybody else had a similar experience?

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I was like that in the demo, but I got used to them pretty quickly. L1-R1 to scroll weapons, square to drive, X to powerslide and triangle to activate your special ability.

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I had a similar experience with the Demo. I'll just repeat what I wrote in another thread.

'The controls are hard to get used to. I hope you can customize them in the full game since none of the controls feel great to me- it's always one or two buttons that feel off. Also what's with putting the shooting controls of the Talon on the triggers? The PS3 triggers are not the best for shooting and having the option to use the L1/R1 would be great. Using the sixaxis for turbo boost was very unreliable as well-sometimes tiny flicks work, other times I have to jerk my hands upwards with a lot of force, leading to me almost hitting my face.

The world is not very detailed but this is countered by destructible environments which are really fun to navigate. Driving straight through a petrol station always feels great. The car models and animations are as good as ever and seeing a guy pop out of a window to fire a rocket is fun.

I was pumped for this game but I was disappointed by the demo, I'm not really encouraged to buy it day one. David Jaffe and his team seem very passionate about this game but I'll have to wait for the game to drop in price before I consider a purchase.'

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I felt the same during the demo but stuck with it and pretty soon it felt just fine. Just keep playing for a bit and it should feel fine soon.

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Don't steal my blog titles.

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Yep, like others have mentioned just stick with it. I would stay with the Classic controls, I think they'ere the best and most efficient once you get them down. The key is to get used to hitting gas and e-brake with you thumb at the same time, once you get the feel for it your good. No doubt this games controls have a higher learning curve than others though.

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Why the fuck am I using R2/L2 to shoot in a PS3 exclusive?  Yeah, the game has made a bad first impression on me.

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@Spoonman671 said:

Why the fuck am I using R2/L2 to shoot in a PS3 exclusive? Yeah, the game has made a bad first impression on me.

I think it should be R1 and L1 to shoot, and R2 and L2 to scroll. That would make a bunch of sense, actually.

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Reviews have definitely called out the controls as bad, so I don't think you're alone.

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Yeah I did not like them in the demo, but I was slowly getting used to them as I played more. That being said I still don't think they are very good.

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Eh, I don't know guys. I seem to spend more time fumbling over the controls, getting run over and getting shot in the back then to spend time having fun. I feel like I'm playing Micromanagement Simulator 2012 in a game that goes a million miles an hour.

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The controls work very well. They don't meet the stereotypical setup that you THINK should be used for this kind of game but the controls they give you work and work well! Give them some time and give the game time there is more depth to this game than meets the eye at first.

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use the racing contols they make much more sense very similair to blur... l2 breaks, r2 gas (double tap for turbo), x to fire weapon pickups/special attack - triangle & circle to scroll through them, square for machine gun works really well actually... L1 is tight turn....

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@jakob187 said:

Don't steal my blog titles.

This post made me laugh more than it should have.

Also, yeah, the controls are pretty weird at first, but it doesn't take long to get used to, and I wouldn't have them any other way after that.

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I suppose the control layout is odd, but it is the classic TM set up, and I've gotten used to it really quickly. Note that there are other layouts for you guys to try... Race Controls scheme is probably more intuitive, as it has weapons on the symbols and gas/brake and stuff on the triggers.

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im sorry but it just seems to me tha alot of gamers have gotten used to games and being good at them.

i kinda find it nice to actually be challengened for once. reminds me of all those time in golden eye where i had trouble on easy as a kid.

you just got to get used to it.

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