PSN Share Thread

#1 Posted by BlastProcessing (922 posts) -

Wanna play some Twisted Metal with some fairly cool GB people? Well, drop your PSN here!

PSN: LtSecksOffender

#2 Posted by The_Drizzle (624 posts) -

Ya man i have a feeling this game is a blast with communication, PSN:TheDrizzle09

#3 Edited by Bucketdeth (8045 posts) -

I'll be up for some after I play a little of the campaign, PSN: Bucketdeth

#4 Posted by Threl (13 posts) -

I just picked this up feel free to add, PSN: Threlnos

#5 Posted by HairyMike87 (1016 posts) -

Wanna finish the story first, but on the last section. I'll be down to play with people. PSN: hairymike87

#6 Posted by XTraFries (211 posts) -

PSN: DrStoked

#7 Posted by punisherkaos (277 posts) -

Psn mas89 love the game but have no one to play with so hit me up

#8 Posted by gsquirrelgo (48 posts) -

PSN: gsquirrelgo

#9 Posted by HairyMike87 (1016 posts) -

I sent a friend request to everyone here. Hope to see you online!

#10 Posted by Wicked_Wumpus (175 posts) -

PSN: Wicked_Wumpus

I should be getting the game in a few days and then it's on!

#11 Posted by SMTDante89 (2613 posts) -

I'm trying to get through the single player stuff first, and college stuff gets in the way of me playing the game much during the week, so I might only be able to play online during weekends, but my PSN is PersonaDante.

#12 Edited by Heartagram (1183 posts) -

Please add me I have only 1 PSN friend =( Heads up though I don't currently have a headset but if I had a solid group of poeple to play with I'd probably get one. Just have never had a game on PS3 I felt the need to get one for.

PSN: MikebeeBurns

#13 Edited by BonOrbitz (2243 posts) -

I want to warn all of y'all. I SUCK. I don't have a PS3 headset either like Heartagram, but I'd get one if the need is there.

PSN: Bonorbitz

#14 Posted by csl316 (9273 posts) -

I'm csl3l6 (with two L's). Been playing these games since day 1, so I'll probably be shooting specials while trying to shoot machine guns due to old L2/R2 habits.

#15 Posted by The_Drizzle (624 posts) -

Do the majority of you duders have mic capability? I feel like MP would benefit greatly if we rolled 4 duders deep with communication ability

#16 Posted by scarace360 (4828 posts) -

@The_Drizzle said:

Do the majority of you duders have mic capability? I feel like MP would benefit greatly if we rolled 4 duders deep with communication ability

You could use the giantbomb mumble server.

#17 Posted by The_Drizzle (624 posts) -

Ya or skype, i'm totally down with using other means than the PS3's subpar communtication integration. Being able to talk seems to be an integral part in winning, at least in nuke that is

#18 Edited by Wicked_Wumpus (175 posts) -

I got the new ps3 headset which is pretty stellar. Got it to play BF3 but it seems like most people don't have a mic anyway so I just shout at people and they can't shout back =)

#19 Edited by TooWalrus (13255 posts) -

@BlastProcessing: @The_Drizzle: @Bucketdeth: @Threlnos: @HairyMike87: @Wicked_Wumpus: @XTraFries: @punisherkaos: @gsquirrelgo: @scarace360: @csl316: @bonorbitz:

EDIT: Yeah, the quick-look just answered my question. Nevermind. (my PSN ID is TooWalrus, by the way.)

#20 Posted by scarace360 (4828 posts) -

@TooWalrus said:

@BlastProcessing: @The_Drizzle: @Bucketdeth: @Threlnos: @HairyMike87: @Wicked_Wumpus: @XTraFries: @punisherkaos: @gsquirrelgo: @scarace360: @csl316: @bonorbitz:

EDIT: Yeah, the quick-look just answered my question. Nevermind. (my PSN ID is TooWalrus, by the way.)

yes you can.

#21 Posted by HairyMike87 (1016 posts) -

@The_Drizzle: I have a mic, but could also use other things to communicate.

#22 Posted by theytookourjobz (16 posts) -

Just got it. I suck. Add me: theytookourjobz

#23 Posted by B_Double (17 posts) -

I'm down for some Twisted Metal

PSN: The_Devastator

#24 Posted by MVP1101 (209 posts) -

PSN: MVP1101 Feel free to add me.

#25 Posted by Wicked_Wumpus (175 posts) -

@TeenageJesusSuperstar said:

I think it's fair to say that Jaffe is by far the most honest game developer around. He is by far the easiest guy in the industry to reach and he is the one guy who isn't going to bullshit you with pr crap. Honestly he is not the best guy making games out there but he is by far the most honest guy making games.

Totally agree with you. He's been posting videos about the issues with the game and it just makes me so glad that I'm supporting his game with my hard earned money. There are issues with TM but he's got the top men on it and it's awesome that he's not just dumping a broken game on us and soaking up the first wave of retail sales.

Also, we need some top men on the Screened Netflix sync thing.

#26 Posted by bunnymud (717 posts) -


I kinda suck

#27 Posted by Chango (534 posts) -

PSN: LayzieJuice

Fantastic game, but I can barely get matches going, hope it gets sorted out soon.

#28 Posted by Centimani (550 posts) -

Centimani4!!! It's 5 AM so I'll send some people requests tomorrow or something.

#29 Posted by KyleBaron (160 posts) -


Let's do this!!!

#30 Posted by DarthOrange (3878 posts) -

For sure! Feel free to add me, but due to scheduling at the moment I'm usually on between 12 and 3 am Pacific Time.


#31 Posted by SpawnHellraiser (41 posts) -

i just got it and i kinda suck too...

PSN: SpawnHellraiser

#32 Posted by Plasticstars (171 posts) -

PSN: Rose-Machine

Feel free to add me, I've been on every day despite the online issues and I've been having a blast, it'd be great to have some regular people to play with.

#33 Posted by IroN1c (550 posts) -

PSN: IroN1c

European timezone!

#34 Posted by ZOnikJJ (258 posts) -


#35 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (4297 posts) -

I don't have twisted metal, but i might get it until next year. I think i'm getting ssx soon, and look forward to medal of honor. My PSN is: Blu3V3nom07

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